Well  the tradition is out in Oklahoma, that you buy season tickets I guess, to your high school football games, after you graduate, if  you still live in the same town or you are close enough to attend. So every year during football season, if we call, Matt and Brandy on Friday night, we will catch them either, on their way to the game or if they poo or feel their phone they are at the game.

One Friday night I believe in October after their visit in August, I called them to ask about their trick or treating, the night before. Now no – one told me they were on their way to a football game.  So I talked to Berea for a good amount of time, then she turned the phone over to her mommy. I told Brandy I wanted to talk to Remington, so, she said Remington do you want to talk to Memo? And I heard him say “no.”   Brandy came back on the line and said he said, ” he doesn’t want to talk to you”.  I said “you tell him Oklahoma isn’t over, and I want to talk to him!”  So, his mommy told him that, and the next thing I hear is “hi Memo”.  So I asked him if he got a lot of candy, he said “yes, bye MEMO.”  I said, ” where are you going in such a hurry?” He said, “the game Memo,(all excited) they have already started!   I said, “How rude”.  He said, “it is just rude!”  I said, “why did they go ahead and start without you?”  He said, “because you are talking to me MEMO !! ”  love you Memo Bye!!  Ok, Remington love you.  But he was already gone, and had handed the phone to his dad.

I just thought it to be so funny because, he sounded all excited but perturbed at me!  I found out from Matt that they are always late because of his work hours.


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Berea & Remington visit in August 2013

Berea - 6yrs

Berea – 6yrs

Remington - 3yrs

Remington – 3yrs















Actually Berea, Remington, Matt & Brandy all, made the visit to us in August. So I told Matt & Brandy, that Papaw and I, would like to take the kids one day by ourselves, and they could take the day and go and do something by them self. And if they wanted they could even go somewhere else and spend the night and come back the next day.  That way they could have sometime without the kids (a date night), and we could have some time with the kids by ourselves just because we wanted to be memo and papaw without mommy and daddy being around.

So, the first thing we did was go to Denny’s for breakfast. The kids were really good and they ate everything they ordered! I was surprised because Remington had ordered a kids waffle, but that thing was as big, as what they would bring out for an adult.  But, like I said Remington ate it all.

From there we were off to the movies!! We took them to see the movie “Planes!” It was good and the kids liked it, but I don’t think they liked it, as much as they liked the cars movie. I liked the cars movie better myself. And usually every time I go see them at their house, we watch the cars movie again!! Now the thing about going to the movies right after breakfast, is the only thing you might have to buy from the snack bar is a soda! And at that you might want to have them get a drink from the water fountain, for the prices they want for a soda now days but, anyway Papaw paid the money for the soda, because we had already made plans for this day, we had saved the money to give them a good time.

When we got out of the movies and everyone had went to the restroom and met back, I said “Ok are you guys ready to go to Chuck e Cheese? ”  They started jumping up and down and with a big smile on their face saying, “Oh yeah Memo we are ready!”  So I said ,”ok lets go!”  (Of course by this time Memo and Papaw’s behinds are dragging it is our nap time. LOL).  So we went into Chuck e cheese and order our pizza and tokens, find us a table and set up.  I divide out the tokens evenly between the two of them, and I told them and Papaw to just play things right there around the table because it would not be long and the pizza would be out.  They were so good that day! No fighting, no crying, they were really good.  I don’t remember what game it was that Remington played but he won a whole bunch of tickets on it. He was so excited! He cracked me up.  It was just such a good time with them. When they got ready to leave and go back to Oklahoma, and we were telling them bye at the airport, I was hugging Remington and he said “Can you go with me Memo?” I could have but, I also knew a last minute ticket would cost me an arm and a leg, so even though it hurt through and through I told him “No baby boy Memo can’t go with you today.”

Brandy told me later, that Remington had kept asking, ever since they had been home that week, if they could go back to Florida and they had told him “not now but we will sometime.” She said after they had gave him that answer two or three times, one day he said “Momma, when Oklahoma is over I am going to Florida!” That just cracked me up.

I called them one night and I asked to speak to him, so when he got on the phone we talked for a little bit and then I asked him, ” Hey, Remington is Oklahoma over yet?”  He said, “No Memo not yet!” I said, “well I guess I am going to have to come and see you.”  He said, “Yes! but, Memo can you come when it is dark?” I said, “You want me to come when it is dark?” And he said, “yeah.” Now, I don’t know why he wants me to arrive when it is dark? The only thing I know is that, when they get in here, is when it is DARK! LOL


















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Recipe for Magic Cookie Bars!!!

My boys loved this recipe when they were at home, and still do to this day! And I always fixed it especially at Christmas!

My copy of the recipe is old and, it is just decrepit…. so I copied this one from the Borden Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipes website.

It is very easy to make, the boys even liked to help sprinkle the chocolate chips, coconut and nuts on.  Enjoy!!





  • Crisco® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray doesn’t have to be Crisco
  • 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 2 cups (12 oz. pkg.) semi-sweet chocolate chips   I always used extra!
  • 1 1/3 cups flaked coconut
  • 1 cup chopped nuts


  • HEAT oven to 350°F. Coat 13 x 9-inch baking pan with no-stick cooking spray.
  • COMBINE graham cracker crumbs and butter in small bowl. Press into bottom of prepared pan. Pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over crumb mixture. Layer evenly with chocolate chips, coconut and nuts. Press down firmly with fork.
  • BAKE 25 to 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Loosen from sides of pan while still warm; cool on wire rack. Cut into bars or diamonds.
  • For perfectly cut cookie bars, line entire pan with foil, extending foil over edge of pan. Coat lightly with no-stick cooking spray. After bars have baked and cooled, lift up with edges of foil to remove from pan. Cut into bars.

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Cont’d from Christmas 2012

So we have these large cushions, for Berea and Remington to lay on the living room floor, in the evening when they are watching TV or they are playing with their toys, while they are here visiting with us.

Now usually when we are together they want to sleep with Memo but, when they found out that Pappaw was going to be sleeping in the living room that night in the recliner…….they wanted to sleep in the living room with him on their new cushions. Their Mommy told them, the cushions were not big enough for them to sleep on comfortably, but they cried a little and said “we want to sleep in here with Pappaw.”  So Mommy said ok.

Now I don’t know about everyone else’s grandkids, but these two are all over the place when they sleep!! When they have slept with me, I have had one of them have their feet in my back.  Both of them, at one time each has fallen out of the bed (king size) up in the middle of the night. Remington has ended up at the bottom of the bed at our feet.  Need I say more!  I think you get the picture!!

Ok so they sleep in the living room with Pappaw in his recliner and them on their cushions.  So the next morning when Matt, Brandy and I get up and we start asking how they slept here is the story Pappaw begins to tell………

He said, “Well, I think the kids slept pretty well, since, I was able to move them and they didn’t wake up! “  We said, “what do you mean you had to move them? “  He continued, “well I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom, and I looked over and I could see Remington’s head was the only thing on his cushion. So, then I wandered, before I put my foot rest down, I better see where Berea is.” He said, “I looked all over as best as I could, and I never could find her, I thought she decided to go crawl in bed with Memo. So, I started to put my foot rest down, and it would not go down! And I thought OH MY Goodness is she under this chair!! So I sat there for a minute, and I thought I can’t wait any longer.”   We are saying ” So What Did You Do?”

He said, I very carefully slid myself out over the arm of the chair and went to the bathroom! And when I came back, sure enough everything about Berea was under the recliner except her feet, they were on the cushion. I got Berea out from under the recliner and put her back on her cushion and covered her up.  And then, I put the rest of Remington’s body up on his cushion, and covered him up.  Then I got back in my recliner and went back to sleep too!”

Berea and Remington did not remember a thing, all they know is, that they got to sleep in the living room, on their cushions with their Pappaw. And they could not wait to come back again. And we can not wait for them to come back again! I would love to have all 5 of my grandkids here at the same time if that were ever to be possible!





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Idea from Christmas 2012













Ok, so in 2012 when I found out for sure that our youngest son Matt and Brandy, Berea and Remington were coming in town to spend Christmas with us. WE WERE SO EXCITED! We did not know hardly what to do with ourselves!  But, as you can see in the picture above we had went from carpet in the living to hardwood floors. Right away I kept telling Mitch I would like to try and find some big throw pillows for the kids to put on the floor so they are not laying right against that hard, cold floor to play with toys they get or to watch TV!

We looked every where. We looked at Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Pier 1 Imports, Target, Home Goods. I was about to give up and just settle for a palette, (you know like grandma use to make for us when we were kids) just a bunch of quilts and blankets on the floor. But, I knew I did not have as many blankets and quilts as my Grandma Lowder had, and a good palette like grandma’s takes a lot.  So, I thought about taking the futon mattress and bringing it into the living room but I was not real keen on doing that either.  So I kind of let the idea fall by the way and didn’t think about it too much for a couple of days.

Well I love Kohl’s, so I went in there one day for some other shopping, and I was walking down a back isle just starting my shopping, and I come upon the big cushions you see there above in the picture. And guess what they were on clearance!   And I had a 30% off coupon for everything I purchased in the store, plus for every $50.00 I spent I got $10.00 back to spend later.  So I put those in my little cart. If you have been in Kohl’s you know how little those carts are, once you get something big in them!

Now, I don’t know if you know what these are but they aren’t cushions for people really.  Which I guess I could have used outside lounge chair cushions, but I think those would have been cold too!

Anyway…… I got worried that maybe Brandy would not want her kids laying on these since they weren’t for people. So…… I took a picture of them on my cell phone and sent it to her and ask her if she thought those would be ok. She said she thought they would. Then I texted her back and told her what they were and they were brand new, never used, would they still be ok? And being the Great Daughter-In-Law that she is, she said that was fine. Thank you God I don’t have to wonder about that dilemma anymore!

Alright, now I can get over to kids toys, I was just going over there to get a couple of things.  And I am laughing under my breath at what I have in my cart, and what I have them for. I have just never known of any one using these for this purpose. So it was hilarious to me.  So I am looking around over there and all of a sudden this lady says, “Are those for your Big Dogs”.  And then I could fill the laughter coming, and I quickly threw my hand over my mouth, and I just started shaking my head NO. She didn’t stop there! For then she said “Are those for your grandkids?” Still laughing with my hand over my mouth and thinking “Thank you God at least someone else thinks like me!” All I could do was shake my head YES.  Do you know what she said next “Good Idea”.  I was kind of shocked!  I took my hand away from my mouth, and I said “THANK YOU so much, I was embarrassed”.  She said, “no, don’t be, it is a good idea.”

So…… The picture is two large dog cushions. And Berea and Remington like them pretty well, when we can get them to be still long enough!!!





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Trip to the International Mall

Remington     This is Remington!!






One October our youngest son Matt and his family came down to visit with us. So one of those days, while they were here, we decide to go over to the International Mall.
Remington was about 1 going on 2 and Berea was 4 going on 5.

Pappaw and I don’t travel much into Tampa, but we had been to that Mall maybe once, and wanted to take the kids over there. I was armed with my Garmin on my phone, that I hadn’t used before, so I was excited to get to use it! Well….. needless to say I found out the extra $10., I was spending per month, to have it, was going down the toilet. It was the worst thing I had ever paid for. You could not hear what the lady was saying at all. And I had my phone volume full blast!

Anyway, Brandy (Matt’s wife), found a map while I am messing with the stupid phone. So she is giving the guys directions. And we finally made it! We had a good time, went into the Cheesecake Factory got dessert, visited the other shops and everything till everyone was tired and ready to head back home!

Well we made it back to within a couple blocks from home, and was pulled into the parking lot of a Circle K (because Memo and Pappaw love fountain caffeine free diet coke) and we were talking about the trip. I said to Brandy “Thank you Miss Garmin” and all of a sudden Remington says My Mommies name is NOT MISS GARMIN, IT IS MOMMY, AND MY DADDY IS NOT STUPID and we started cracking up! It was hilarious! I could not believe that a child as young as him would say that! Now…. where he got that “my daddy is not stupid” is beyond me, because no-one ever said a thing about his daddy. But, I crack up about it just writing this and every time I think about it. I don’t know, maybe you just had to be there! Out of the mouths of babes! LOL

By the way I canceled the Garmin on my phone! LOL

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Safety around small kids

The other day I remembered when my siblings and I were really young. I was only 7 years old, my two sisters  were 2 & 1.

Our family had went to some friends of my mom and dads.  My parents were talking to their friends while my sisters and I went to their daughters room to talk to her and play with her dolls.

After a while, my two year old sister came to me and said “chocolate”.  I said, ” I don’t have any chocolate?”.

She said, “Awice does”! (My moms friend Alice) and she went running to the kitchen where the adults were drinking coffee, laughing, talking.

By the time I got in there Alice was saying “I don’t have any chocolate baby.”  My sister said “in there” and pointed to the refrigerator.  Alice said “I don’t have chocolate” , (as she is opening the door she sees it!  It was on a shelf on the inside of the door) The box!  White and Blue with White letters!  She looks in it and she looks at my mom and she says “it is all gone”.

My mom says “ how much was in it ?” Alice says, “I don’t know“, she is franticly asking her family if any one knows how much was in the box, but no one knew.

Mom & Dad decided to take my sister to the hospital. So myself and my one year old sister stayed with Alice’s family till they got back.

Now I don’t know what happened at the hospital. But I do know that little ones can get into things before you know it, even with you sitting right there in the same room.

Alice and Mom did not know when my sister got in the frig and they felt she could not open it by herself.

They believe sometime when they were in the frig getting out snack foods, she came in and got the Ex-Lax off the door shelf,  got what she could, put the box back and she was gone before they saw her.

So Grandparents, Moms, Dads please keep all medicines up out of the reach of children!!!   Also, if you carry medicine with you to go visit those grandkids, be sure to put that medicine up!!

Keep our children safe!!!

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Opening the Flood Gate of Interactions with the Grandkids

RogerMaxMiloYou could possibly remember what it was like to raise teenagers. They apparently enter into a funk at the age of 13 and stay that way until they have kids of their very own. So now you are a grandparent and it’s the kids struggling with getting the silent treatment from their kids, do you have to write off those lovely grandkids who used to love to climb on your lap when they came over?

You may have heard an in-depth dark secret that child psychologists know. Teenagers not only are not uncommunicative, they desire to communicate what is happening in their lives.

The teenage years are an outburst of change that’s unparalleled in life this side of the womb. So if a teenager will find an adult they could speak with, that will help them in getting through these difficult teen years.

In some cases Grandma or Grandpa can become that willing ear and someone who a teen can talk to about whatever is eating them up inside. All you have to do is open the flood gates of communications and also the grandkids will put their hearts out to you. And as a grandparent, there is nothing you would like more.

Modern teenagers are not used to conventional letters. To them communications is email, instant messaging or text messaging over the phone.

So they don’t know the thrill they can get by just seeing a card or letter from someone they love come in the good old fashioned U.S. Mail. So to start priming the pump of communications, start sending your grandkids cards.

Now don’t make these all nostalgic and sentimental grandma loves you cards. Be courageous and look at the hip cards and the really funny ones that will make the kids laugh and make them look forward to that next card they get from you.

This can become a hobby and a passion. If you have 5 teenage grandkids, every week find 5 really cute and funny cards to send them. Then think of a clever thing to say on each card and just end it, I love you – Grandma, that sends a more powerful message that Grandma wants to communicate but that communicating with her will be fun..

Now phase two. Every now and then, write them a letter. Don’t make it a long letter and certainly not a preachy letter. But make it light and fun. Find out what TV shows and movies they like and watch them.

Become familiar with who the kids like in popular culture. You have the time so go through gossip web sites so you can write to your grandkids about things they are talking about. All of a sudden, the light is going to come on and they will realize, Hey, Grandpas cool.

Now phase three. Since kids like to communicate by computer, you communicate by computer. Take some classes and learn to use email, instant messaging and also text messages. Then when you’re great at it, tease the kids with your IM nickname or your email box.

You will find all kinds of silly digital toys you can use to lure those kids to talk to you on the internet. The key thing is that they will open the doors to their e-mail and to their IM to you. Then, once you have that, you can make contact by computer and become a computer buddy.

The safety of talking on line plus the knowledge that “grandpa is cool” will let the kids know that they could speak to you. Before long the flood gates will open like never before. And when they’re pouring their hearts out to you via IM or email, you should have done a wonderful thing for those kids. And that’s what being a grandparent is all about.

Activities to Do With your Grandkids

grandkidsThere are many fun activities to do with your grand kids. Grandparents often have an opportunity to spend special time with their grandchildren that parents may not get in the hustle and bustle of their work week. When your grandchildren come to visit you, it can help to have some fun activities pre-planned to keep them entertained.

Try a few of these fun activities the next time you have little visitors:

Show Home Movies and Photos: Show your grandchildren home movies or pictures from when their parents were small. They’ll enjoy hearing funny stories about what your children were like when they were small. It’s fun to imagine what their parents were like as children. Take time to share these stories with your grandchildren.

Record Bedtime Stories: If your grandchildren are staying overnight, have them bring their favorite bedtime stories along with them. Read them to the children out loud, and set up a tape recorder in the room. You’ll be able to send them home with a memory – their own personalized book on tape! Years from now they’ll be able to treasure their own tape of grandma or grandpa reading their favorite story to them

Teach Them a Skill: Do you know how to cook, sew, or work with wood? Take the time to teach your grandchildren how to make a simple recipe or project. Parents are often busy and may not have the time to teach their children simple life skills. These skills, if not taught by the schools, may end up neglected. Take time to teach your grandchildren these money-saving hobbies – when they’re adults, they’ll be very glad you did!

Play Games: Spend time playing card games, board games, or string games with your grandchildren. In this modern age of video and computer games, simple games are often neglected and forgotten. These games are enjoyable and fun – be sure to teach your grandchildren how to have fun simply.

When your grandchildren come to visit, be sure to have a few activities planned to entertain them. Show them pictures or home movies, enjoy a bedtime story, or cook a favorite recipe. You could even take time to teach them a game that you enjoyed when you were a child. Children need attention and affection to thrive, and as a grandparent, you’ve got time to provide plenty of both. Take time to enjoy your grandchildren – that’s what they’re for!